Patrice discusses Handy Heights and Reparations on Dr. Phil

Patrice Jones of Handy Heights was featured on Dr. Phil today discussing the impact that reparations has had on our family.

“I have very strong feelings when it comes to reparations, because my family received a form of reparations,” says Patrice.

Patrice says her great-great-grandmother, Florence, was born enslaved to a white slave owner father six months before the emancipation proclamation. She says that when Florence got married, her father helped her buy 40 acres of land in Hazlehurst, MS.

“My family got reparations from my great-great-great grandfather Ephraim Payton Jr.,” Patrice says. “This property has been passed down, and it has remained in my family for over four generations … The land that we’ve inherited has kept my family together through generations, which is not typical for a lot of Black American families. Without this property, my family wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.”

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