Handy Heights on MarketWatch

Handy Heights and Patrice were recently featured in a great MarketWatch article, How one Black family got its 40 acres — and turned them into intergenerational success

There are so many great points and a ton of historical context in the article but I think my favorite quote is from Mom:

‘This is an example of what would have happened if we had received our 40 acres from the beginning. We received it. Look what has happened to our family as a result of landownership.’

— Tisch Jones, Patrice E. Jones’s mother

Reported by Emma Ockerman, the article does a wonderful job of telling our story that takes the time to weave it into the larger narrative of the promise and power reparations still hold.

As stated in the article, ‘Patrice is a steward of the land, and she wants to use that land to give others the vision of being stewards of their own.’

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